Anthony Hagi.

What I do

I am a web designer & developer creating interactive and memorable experiences for the web, mobile and everything in-between. I can tailor and craft an end product designed for your specific needs and requirements. Every design is purely custom, and created entirely from your ideas.

Recent Designs

Galletta's Engineering Homepage designed by Anthony Hagi

Galletta's Engineering

More coming soon..

My Process

Before I begin, I get to know you, your company and understand what you want to achieve. Once I have a good understanding, I'll begin the web development process.

A wireframe to create an interactive experience

Planning & User Experience

Firstly, I'll help you wireframe a memorable experience that both, you and your customers will love.

A design mockup of a memorable experience

Interface Design

Once the wireframes are completed, you'll have a complex, interactive design to see exactly how your website will look.

Developing the interactive experience

Tailored Code

Professional, Clean, Performance focused code, that'll have your website running laps around the competition.

Managing and maintaining the memorable experience

Set-up & Maintenance

Configuration, Deployment, Monitoring. I'll make sure your customers will always see a great looking website.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

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